Choose the best tactics to drive your strategy and achieve your goals

What are tactics?

A tactic is an action or method that is planned and used to achieve a particular strategy. Where your strategy might be about bringing an ideal set of circumstances to life, your tactics need to take into account present, real-world limitations such as finite time, lack of fulfilment capacity, budgetary constraints, etc. All of these and many other considerations will inform and to some extent dictate what tactics you end up employing.

Why does choosing the right tactics matter?

If there is no appreciable search volume on Google for the products and services you sell, you are probably wasting money by investing in Google Ads. That would be an unprofitable tactic. The same products or services might cause a sensation on TikTok or Instagram, making those profitable tactical choices. Choosing wisely will often mean the difference between success and failure in a business.

What results can you expect with the right tactics?

Ideally, strategy drives tactics. Your strategy is all about achieving the “big picture” goals of your business. Your tactics are courses of action you engage in that breathe life into your strategy. Choosing and implementing the right tactics ensures that your business is on a clearly defined pathway that leads to the achievement of your strategic objectives.

How can VisiSearch® help me?

The VisiSearch® system utilises a wide range of technical tools including robotic automation and artificial intelligence to assist in the decision making process. Whilst some degree of risk is always present in any marketing that you undertake, VisiSearch® relies upon objective information to inform and guide your marketing decisions, removing much of the guesswork from your marketing.