What is a strategy?

A strategy is a plan of action or policy that is designed to achieve an overall aim. It’s the big picture of exactly where you’d like your marketing efforts to take you and your business in the months and years ahead. What strategy is not is any standalone tactic designed to generate new customers for your business, like SEO, Google Ads or posting on social media. Again, strategy is all about the big picture.

Why does your business need a strategy?

Your strategy should dictate your tactics. Unfortunately, most businesses execute tactical marketing measures like pay-per-click advertising or SEO without first considering their broader objectives and how those objectives might (or might not) be served by implementing such tactics. Having a strong strategic plan provides insight into which tactics are best employed (or avoided) in pursuit of your goals.

What can you expect from a meaningful strategy?

The late management doyen Peter F. Drucker once described the most important characteristic of a leader as somebody possessing a clear vision of a desired state of affairs. Articulating and documenting your marketing strategy provides you and your team with clear targets and a detailed roadmap of how to navigate the way to your most desired destination.

How can VisiSearch® help me?

Chinese warlord philosopher Sun Tzu taught that strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory and that tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. VisiSearch® provides a simple, easy to understand framework for developing a winning strategy for your business – laying the groundwork for the development of an unbeatable tactical plan.