Strategy & Marketing Plans | Win the Marketing War with a Winning Plan

Strategy & Marketing Plans

Standalone Price: $1,999 USD (*Marketing Strategy only)
Standalone Price: $4,689 USD (Marketing Strategy + Plan)
Included With: Strategist*, Tactician, Marketer and Pro Marketer Packages

What this is

Marketing strategies and plans provide you with an objective way of understanding, assessing and measuring what is happening with your marketing.

Why you need it

Most business owners implement tactics without considering strategy. A strategy allows you to implement tactics with the benefit of knowing how that impacts your strategy.

What you get

In each case you'll receive a documented marketing strategy for your business. A marketing plan also details tactical implementation and measurement of ROI.

Desired outcomes

That you use your strategy and/or marketing plan as an objective reference point in measuring both the progress and ROI of your marketing activities.