Price Guide | Working with Tony Gavin, Intelligent Marketing Sensei

How much does it cost?

Obviously, you want to know how much it will cost to work with me. It's a reasonable question and when I ask something like that I hate being told "it depends". I know that you hate hearing that too, but the truth is, it depends. I’m not going to bore you with 1,000 reasons why. I will attempt to answer the question with as much honesty and transparency as possible.

Initial Costs

Expect to spend $10,000 to $15,000 USD, upfront. As a general rule that will get you a full Marketing Audit and Report, me handholding you through the development of a viable Marketing Strategy and the production of a detailed Marketing Plan. You'll also get my expert advice and the assistance of my team with setting up, implementing and profitably using the Mautic CRM and Marketing Automation platform. You can review my fixed price package options here.

Creative Costs

You might need a new website. Your website might also be pretty damned good and just need some minor tweaking. You may need a new logo to fit with a revised strategy or require some better marketing and sales collateral. You might need a lot of things. And you might not. Generally, I’d suggest a budget of around $3,500 to $10,000 USD to deal with these types of contingencies. And yes, I have good people who I can refer you to.

Ongoing Costs

This can vary quite a bit and will depend on everything from your marketing budget to the costs of advertising in the market space that you operate in. Setting aside your direct costs of advertising, you can expect to spend not less than $2,000 USD per month on consulting fees, depending upon what marketing tactics you choose to implement and who you choose to implement them. You'll also need to meet the operational costs of Mautic, if you choose that option. Again, I have good people who I can refer you to.