Price Guide · Working with Tony Gavin, Intelligent Marketer

How much does it cost?

You want to know how much it costs to work with me. It's a reasonable question and when I ask something like that I hate being told lawyer-style bullshit like "it depends". I know that you hate hearing that too, but the truth is, it depends. I’m not going to bore you with 1,000 reasons why. I'll just attempt to answer the question with as much simplicity and transparency as possible.


The short answer is $3,000 to $15,000 USD. For a small business $3,000 USD will get the discovery process started, commencing with a comprehensive Marketing Audit and Report. How long the process takes, what it involves and how much it ultimately costs will mostly depend on the size of your business and the scope of work that I agree to undertake for you. For an owner managed business (up to approximately 100 staff) a budget not exceeding $15,000 USD would usually be adequate. Generally, I'm happy to agree on a fixed price before commencing work.


The education process will largely be shaped by what we uncover during the discovery process. Chances are you'll be quite strong in some areas of your marketing and sales. Other areas will probably require some work to bring you and your team up the required learning curve. How much that costs will depend upon your specific needs and the size of both your senior leadership team and your extended workforce. A small, owner managed business shouldn't expect any change out of $40,000 USD.


Once the education process is complete your team may be up for the challenge of planning all by themselves. In fact, in an ideal world that is exactly what you'd want to happen. In the real world, you'll have to deal with finite resources, differing levels of experience and skill within your team, work capacity issues and a range of other problems. We can take care of the planning for you, starting at around $15,000 USD. We can also facilitate planning with your team and handhold you through the entire process. The cost of doing that will vary considerably, based upon your individual requirements.


Some things we'll be able to help you to implement and execute, via our digital agency, ROI Media Limited. Some things you might want to take care of internally. Other things might be outsourced to existing providers or people we can introduce you to. The cost of this will depend almost entirely upon what tactics you choose to implement during the planning phase, who you choose to do those things for you and your own marketing budget. Unfortunately, we have no idea how much any of that is going to cost until you have a marketing plan and budget in place.


The cost of monitoring will depend upon what metrics you wish to measure and the resources you choose to allocate to that. We can implement simple, self-managed, dashboard style monitoring of web analytics, social media and other digital assets from a few hundred dollars per month. More complex, custom MROI tools may cost you several thousand dollars for us (or somebody else) to build. Small, owner managed businesses should budget at least $5,000 USD in initial costs, plus $500 USD + per month.


In an ideal world your internal team would be responsible for transforming your marketing. Few businesses exist in an ideal world and most will need help to sort the wheat from the chaff to fundamentally transform their marketing. We can help to facilitate this process with workshops for your people and other hands-on assistance. The cost of this starts at around $5,000 USD for one-off, one day workshops. We also offer transformation workshop packages which are presented over a period of weeks or months, at a substantial discount over standalone workshops.