Plan | Get Hands-On with the Work of Developing a Killer Marketing Plan


Price Guide: $15,000 USD +

What this is

Planning is the hands-on, practical process of developing your marketing strategy, selecting your tactics, deciding who will implement those tactics, devising how to measure results and outlining how you'll transform your business.

Why you need it

Failure to plan is little more than a plan to plan. A detailed marketing plan provides you and your senior leadership team with an objective way of managing your marketing and sales activity, whilst measuring its effectiveness in terms of ROI.

What you get

Following the education process you and your team should be able to develop your marketing plan by yourselves. Alternatively, we can develop the plan for you (with your input), or we can develop the plan with you. The choice is yours.

Desired outcomes

At the completion of the planning phase you'll have a clearly defined marketing strategy, a detailed tactical plan for your marketing and sales, a set of objective standards and tools for measuring results (including ROI) and a plan to transform your business.