Monitor | Find the Tools to Measure Various Aspects of your Marketing


Price Guide: $5,000 USD +

What this is

Monitoring is a methodology or methodologies that allow you to measure various aspects of your marketing. That might include website visitation, SEO rankings, inbound phone calls from a particular lead source, or any number of other metrics. 

Why you need it

Monitoring your marketing plan is essential to knowing which aspects of your marketing are working and which are not. That information allows you to make objective decisions about what to do with your marketing, based upon your ROI.

What you get

The best way to monitor your marketing is by using tools designed specifically for that purpose. You might choose to design those tools internally, use one of the many off-the-shelf solutions available, or have us build custom tools for you.

Desired outcomes

To have a variety of tools at your disposal that provide you with real-time, objective, usable information about the successes or failures of your marketing campaigns, including meaningful estimates of your ROI from marketing.