Educate | Acquire the Knowledge Needed to Develop a Marketing Strategy


Price Guide: $40,000 USD +

What this is

Education is the process of bringing you and your senior leadership team up to speed with the knowledge required to develop a focused marketing strategy for your business and plan the tactical aspects of what is needed to bring that strategy to life.

Why you need it

Nobody is born instinctively knowing how to develop a marketing strategy, select appropriate tactics, implement, monitor and transform a business. Like all other skills people have to learn how to do these things effectively.

What you get

Training that is tailored to suit the specific needs of you and your senior leadership team by filling the educational gaps identified during the discovery process. Why pay to send people up the learning curve on stuff that they already know?

Desired outcomes

You and your senior leadership team will be empowered to confidently tackle the tasks associated with developing a robust marketing strategy, tactical planning, implementation, monitoring and transformation of your marketing and sales processes.