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Compare Fixed Price Packages

Fixed price service packages are a great way to combine the marketing services that you need, saving an average of 15% on standalone pricing. The Marketing Audit & Report is the foundation of the Intelligent Marketing Puzzle and is included in all fixed price service packages. 




Pro Marketer

Marketing Audit
The Marketing Audit consists of completing a 12 page, online questionnaire. Based upon the answers to those questions we then prepare a written Marketing Audit, which uncovers the strengths and weaknesses of your current marketing, along with identifying appropriate opportunities.
Regular Standalone Price: $999 USD

Marketing Strategy
Based upon the results of your Marketing Audit plus discussions with you, we'll develop a written Marketing Strategy. The Marketing Strategy provides a "big picture" plan for your marketing encompassing broad objectives and providing a guide for tactical planning and implementation.
Regular Standalone Price: $1,999 USD

Marketing Strategy + Plan
The Marketing Strategy + Plan adds tactical implementation to your strategy, providing a detailed plan of action for your marketing. The plan digs deep on what individual tactics will be employed in your marketing, what the budget for each tactic is, who is responsible for implementation, monitoring and reporting methodologies, measurement of ROI, etc.
Regular Standalone Price: $4,689 USD

CRM & Marketing Automation
Integrated Mautic CRM (customer relations management) and marketing automation software provides your business with a solid foundation for an end-to-end marketing management solution, including automation and monitoring of repetitive marketing tasks. Price includes setup, implementation and on boarding. Ongoing fees per contact apply.
Regular Standalone Price: $5,689 USD

Development of Custom ROI Tools
Knowing for certain what activities produce a positive return on your marketing spend gives you direct power and control over your business outcomes. Custom built tools that measure ROI in the way that YOU need to understand it takes that power an control to a whole new level and makes your ROI reporting truly meaningful.
Regular Standalone Price: $4,689 USD