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Compare Mentoring & Training Packages

The Strategic Mentor, Tactical Mentor and Marketing Mentor packages are a great way to get the regular, expert input that you need to keep your marketing plan on-track.  

Package Inclusions

Strategic Mentor

Tactical Mentor

Marketing Mentor

Included hours per month
This is the maximum number of hours that I am personally prepared to expend working directly on matters related to your business in any calendar month. Time is tracked internally but not generally reported. You cannot accrue time or roll it over to another time period.
Regular Standalone Price: $295 USD per hour




Personal visits per year
I like visiting clients and love seeing their businesses. The problem is that is bloody time consuming. Also, I live much of the time in the Philippines, making it even more difficult to achieve. I will guarantee to visit you not less than a specified number of times each year.
Regular Standalone Price: 295 USD per hour




Regular telephone (or video) calls
I'm generally happy to take brief phone calls "whenever". Damn, I even enjoy hearing from some people! For longer calls I prefer to schedule them and have a clear agenda that dictates what we'll be discussing. I'm an introvert and don't really enjoy surprises.
Regular Standalone Price: $295 USD per hour



As Req'd

Dealing with business owners
I love dealing with the owners of growing businesses. I find it stimulating, energising and fun. What I don't enjoy is having too many chiefs and not enough Indians. For that reason, I require a single, primary point of contact who will be a key decision maker.
Regular Standalone Price: $295 USD per hour

Dealing with your staff
I know that sometimes you need to delegate stuff. I do it too. Obviously, I'm happy to deal with your staff when the need arises. Unless you are on a Marketing Mentor Package, my job isn't to train or inform your staff. Also, you're paying me too much to do that.
Regular Standalone Price: $295 USD per hour

Dealing with external consultants
For Tactical and Marketing Mentor clients I'm generally very happy to deal with web designers, SEO and PPC consultants, copywriters and anyone else actively engaged with implementing your marketing. Just let them know that I'll be in touch with them.
Regular Standalone Price: $295 USD per hour

Tactical implementation
I know how to build bloody awesome websites, smash it with Google on the search engines, run a profitable PCC campaign, write killer copy - and do a whole lot of other very cool stuff. My job isn't to do any of that for you - even if you ask me really, really nicely.
Regular Standalone Price: Not available

Marketing & General Advice
This is why you're employing me - to advise you. Within reason, I'm prepared to discuss any damned thing that you want, including things that are not strictly marketing related. I know a lot of stuff and am happy to share it with you. Just remember, giving advice is how I make my living and I will need to charge you for it.
Regular Standalone Price: $295 USD per hour