5 Reasons Why Mautic is Not Suitable for Most Businesses

5 Reasons Why Mautic is Not Suitable for Most Businesses

I know that many people follow my posts on Mautic. According to Influencer World, I am currently ranked 16th in the world as a Mautic influencer. Everyone who knows me personally is aware of my tremendous enthusiasm for Mautic and also knows that I’ve been a supporter and evangelist of this powerful platform since its early days. The big question I’m sure you’re now contemplating is, why am I saying that Mautic is not suitable for use by most businesses?

This is NOT an anti-Mautic Rant

First up, let me make it clear that this post is not in any way a rant against Mautic and/or its terrific community of developers. It’s the simple truth, told from the perspective of someone who has to deal with the day-to-day frustrations of business owners we are currently supporting using Mautic. It’s also my own, direct experience of using the Mautic platform for close to two years now.

Here are the 5 key reasons why business owners should think twice before using Mautic:

1. Buggy Updates

Virtually every new release of Mautic is plagued with bugs. Sometimes, these are very serious bugs. We long ago set up a Mautic test environment on our server, which includes Mautic integrated installations of Joomla! and WordPress. On the test sites we’ve replicated themes, templates, modules, extensions, plugins, pages, custom code, mail configurations, Cron jobs, etc. all of which we have in use, elsewhere. Each time a new version of Mautic is released we install it on the test site first, then proceed with testing. Every time we do this there are problems and often a lot of them. Frequently, these problems cannot be resolved by a novice. They need a programmer.

2. Cost of Management

Following on from buggy updates is the cost of managing Mautic. Our development team has spent hundreds of hours identifying and resolving update related issues. Developers cost time and money. That’s time and money that most businesses simply don’t have. The truth is that this “free” platform can end up costing any business very real money to host and manage. We’ve lived in the hope for a long time that the Mautic community would get this particular aspect of Mautic, under control. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened, up to now. Fingers crossed for the future!

3. Sharp Learning Curve

Mautic has a very sharp learning curve. Whilst there are some excellent resources out there for users to tap into, few business owners are prepared to invest the time and effort required to really put Mautic to work for them. That is as much an issue of people not wanting to take the time to learn Mautic, as it’s an issue with the difficulty of mastering Mautic. Once again, this is an observation of how Mautic tends to be utilised by real businesses. The truth is that most business owners will never become proficient at using Mautic. It’s just too difficult for them to fully grasp.

4. Lack of Marketing Skills

Mautic set out to create a marketing automation platform for everyman. It’s an admirable objective and something that I thought was a great idea. I am no longer convinced of that. The reason why is that using Mautic proficiently and profitably requires something more than knowing which buttons to click and where to drag and drop. Using Mautic effectively requires a broad range of skills including basic competency in graphic design, some knowledge of HTML coding, decent copywriting ability and a variety of other general digital marketing skills. The reality is that most business owners lack some or all of these skills and are often reluctant to hire somebody who does have them. You might learn where and how to click every single button on Mautic – but still get nothing from it without these skills.

5. Unrealistic Expectations

Mautic is not a miracle worker. The platform offers much and delivers in spades on most of those promises. The simple truth is that unless business owners are prepared to invest the necessary time and money into making the platform work for them, Mautic will simply become a source of near-endless frustration and cost, for them. Realistically, Mautic is a professional level digital marketing tool. Most small businesses cannot absorb the costs associated with putting this exciting platform to work for them. Even larger businesses that might be able to afford properly implementing and managing Mautic, baulk at the real costs of putting it to work for them. Expectations need to be realistic, when using Mautic.

Mautic as a Core Service Offering

For more than a year my company has implemented and managed Mautic as part of its core service offering to businesses. For all of the reasons outlined in this post, from the end of this month, we will not be offering Mautic as part of any core service packages from now on. Mautic is not an everyman product.

We will still be providing services for businesses which have a clear need for Mautic. We’ll also implement and manage Mautic for businesses with both realistic expectations of just what Mautic can deliver for them and pockets deep enough to drive that. We will, of course, continue to support existing customers who are using Mautic, already.

Leave Mautic to the Professionals

In summary, my opinion is that Mautic is an automation tool best left to the professionals. If your business is considering using Mautic, you might like to think about the foregoing facts before walking down the Mautic superhighway. Mautic offers either Heaven or Hell, without much in between. You have been warned!

Tony Gavin

Erstwhile accountant, serial entrepreneur, web developer, digital marketing veteran and lover of all things marketing automation and artificial intelligence. Tony hates almost everyone except for pathetic nerd boys and geek gals just like him, but loves his computer, and enjoys ranting incoherently into cyberspace. He also loves dark German beers, his four poodles Weasley, Khaleesi, Rebel and Lumpy - and his infinitely patient lady love, Mitzi. When he's not flitting between his home in Manila, Philippines and his family and clients in Australia and elsewhere, Tony occasionally takes the time to do some actual work, and comes up with totally intelligent marketing ideas that www.work! You should contact Tony if your marketing sucks, or even if it doesn't. Chances are he'll want to make it better. Just because he can.

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Arron - 18/06/2018

It’s definitely a difficult learning curve, I just installed it and I am going to pay someone to set up my campaigns, it will cost me about $50 for a mautic specialist to upload a email list and set up a automated campaign, but I really wouldn’t waste time trying to learn how to use the platform if you have a business to run, I would go with email octopus instead

    Tony Gavin - 18/06/2018

    Hi Arron, it certainly has a very sharp learning curve. Uploading lists is easy. Making the system work can be quite a challenge. Unless your email system, Cron jobs and the like have been configured correctly, your emails will not work. $50 seems way too cheap to deal with all of this stuff. Just letting you know. Good luck with it!

Wynne - 31/01/2019

Talk about perpetual frustration. WOW!

I’ve gotten enough feedback from working with this system for just a few days, and, already, I can see this will end in tears.

An endless stream of bugs… one after another.

The promise is amazing… the system has awesome functionality. But, ultimately, the inexplicable bugs are far too numerous for my liking.

Like you say, there is a MASSIVE cost of having to deal with this type of thing, when it’s ongoing.

bhishm singh - 15/02/2019

Hi Tony,
I do not agree to most of your points. By applying little common sense, you get a powerful marketing automation software for free. Of-course you need to put extra effort to get this software working for you.

1. Buggy updates – Yes there are few bugs, but you can choose not to update till its fixed. Do not rush to update the setup.

2. Cost of management – If something is not working, then try to use plugins or other software integrations through Zapier.

3. Lack of Marketing skills – For this the user should be blamed, not Mautic

4. Sharp Learning curve – Its true for every marketing automation software, out there in market.

5. Unrealistic Expectations – Again for this user needs to be blamed, not Mautic.

Mautic is “WordPress for Marketing World”. Its just awesome. While other proprietary software charges thousands of dollars, Mautic is almost free.

I hope this helps,

Marketic.io (Powerful Automation Software for SMBs / Agencies , build on top of Mautic)

    Tony Gavin - 19/02/2019

    Hi bihshm,

    I hear you on all counts. The article was written as a warning to people who are not prepared to invest the time, money and effort required to acquire the skills needed to tame the beast called Mautic. Is it an awesome system. I think that’s been established beyond doubt. Will most people make the investment required to master Mautic? I know that the answer to that question is a resolute no – and that’s exactly why it doesn’t (and won’t) work well for most businesses. Thanks for the feedback!

    Cheers, Tony

searo Job - 08/04/2019

Hmmm this 2019. I discovered Mautic last year and i was blown away.
i just bought two course on mautic at udemy.
I am really interested in deploying mautic as a lead generation and marketing automation for businesses.
Too much power coming my way am learning how to use this properly wont be easy but worth it if anyone knows what they are looking for.

Naeem Scott - 14/09/2019

Mautic, is a mess, and really needs some design and UX love.
This opens up the opportunity for forking, and making the system flow a lot easier for a seasoned dev team.

However, open source is what it is until the community changes it. If there is enough interest I could see investing time and energy into making this happen.

    Tony Gavin - 14/09/2019

    I think that forks are inevitable in any project like this. However, as Acquia has just acquired mautic.com (not the open-source community), I think it deserves some time for the dust to settle. The people behind Acquia started the Drupal project and are now the biggest source of high-end plugins for that platform. I’ll wait and see what happens before involving myself with any forks.

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